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EIKOS Houses

EIKOS is a psychiatric community residence which has several group homes in the greater Boston area -- ordinary homes integrated into the surrounding communities, close to recreational, educational, and other facilities. EIKOS uses a "hub and satellite" model of housing which allows us to accommodate various levels of independence. The central house on Commonwealth Avenue is the "hub" of daily activity and home to 12-13 residents. The other locations are set up at different functional levels allowing our residents to move into more independent settings as they grow and change, while maintaining all of their support systems. This allows gradual and sustainable growth so that the move to a more independent setting does not necessitate an overall disruption in the individual's life. The different levels of housing can also be important for providing extra support to individuals who may be in need of more intensive services on a temporary basis. We are often able to bring an individual in closer to the center of activity and support at the Comm. Ave. house, thereby averting the need for hospitalization.

The following is a description of the EIKOS homes.

The "Hub"

Our large house at

1867 Commonwealth Avenue

is a psychiatric community residential program for 13 individuals, but also serves as the core location of our staff offices, Day Program, regular counseling sessions, and Medication Administration Program. This house is the center of activity for the program as a whole. Residents from all of the houses receive services here. It is also the social center for residents from different houses to gather together for events ranging from the Monday community meeting to our popular weekend brunches.

In its strictly residential capacity, the Commonwealth Avenue House provides the most intensive staffing. It is often where new residents needing the highest level of daily staff interaction are placed. Residents live in a mixture of single and double rooms. The house can also become the temporary residence of individuals who live in one of our other houses but for some reason temporarily need more intensive services.

Supervised "Satellites"

We also have another house and apartments nearby. Clients who live in these homes receive many of their core services at 1867 Commonwealth Avenue, but enjoy the independence of living in more independent settings. Each of these locations has a House Coordinator who holds weekly meetings to discuss household needs and issues. The amount of contact that the individual residents have with the main house is dependent on their individual needs.

Englewood Avenue

is a lovely large home just a five minute walk from the Commonwealth Avenue house, with single and double rooms, large common areas, and a capacity for fourteen. Residents living there have quick access to the services at Commonwealth Avenue, which many use on a daily basis. The house has basic cooking facilities that are utilized by some of the residents, while most choose to eat at the Commonwealth Avenue house.

Glenville Avenue

is a building with several separate apartments, just a block from the Commonwealth Avenue trolley line, a short ride to the main house, but closer to Boston University and to Coolidge Corner. Each apartment has three bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. The residents who live here often do not require daily contact with the main house. Glenville residents are more independent in cooking, medication, and most of their daily needs. Some attend school or work on a daily basis and continue to receive counseling services and interact in the social network at EIKOS. Other residents of this house maintain a full daily schedule at the main house, but enjoy the independence of living in a quieter setting.

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